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$99 Flat-fee Rekey

It’s confusing to know exactly what you need when you call a locksmith. Sometimes a lock or a key just doesn’t work. Maybe you know you want all your doors to open with one key but you don’t know the best way to make it happen. How do you find an honest and friendly professional locksmith that will have your best interest at heart?


Rekey-It, partnered with A Village Locksmith, offers an affordable flat rate of $99 to make your decision simple. Before you even call, you can be confident that you know the cost of our services.

We have found that the average home has about 6 locks and so our flat rate includes:


  • Service call fee (cost for your locksmith’s time, materials, and expertise)

  • Up to 6 locks rekeyed (all locks will conveniently be coded to one key)

  • 4 copies of your new key


Homes that have more than the six locks will be charged $15 per additional lock. $3 will be added per extra key. Repairs and replacements vary in cost and can be quoted when you call.


Making the decision to call Rekey-It or A Village Locksmith is simple because you know what to expect. If you would like to count your locks, make sure you include every key hole as some locks are double-sided and will count as two cylinders.


Tap or click to call now to lock in the best price in town. We look forward to your business.

Call a reliable and honest locksmith when you get locked out.  We pick the lock and try our best to not have to drill
House Lockout

Have you been locked out of your house? Maybe you lost your keys? We can help! Call us during our business hours and we'll get you in.

Those dang garage locks can fail more often than we like. Tee handle (t-handle) locks are common failures.  We have your replacement!
Garage Locks

Garage locks can be the first to go bad, malfunction, or break. Call us and we can give you an estimate to fix or replace the lock.

Most lock problems can be repaired so that you don't have to spend lots of money on new hardware
Locks Change/Repair

We specialize in lock changes (rekeys) and repairs. If you want to upgrade your locks, or just repair the ones you already have, we've got your back.

Some people need a more advanced rekey locksmith to set up a advanced access system with multiple layers of key access.  We love to Master rekey!
Rekey/ Master key

Rekeying is the best way to save money when updating your home security. We will rekey all your doors to one key so you can toss the old one.

Go to your nearest Ace Hardware to duplicate keys since they have what you need and they don't charge service call fees.
Duplicate Keys

Since we are a mobile locksmith, we suggest getting keys duplicated at your nearest locksmith shop where they carry all the keys imaginable!

Do you need to pick into a lock? We can do that, too.
Non-Destructive Entry

Accessing a lock that seems impossible to unlock is the locksmith trade. Call us and explain your situation. We can help.

Are you not very techie? We can help you with your high tech locks by reprogramming and resetting your devices.
Electronic Locks/Key Pads

Call us if you have had a battery die or if you need assistance reprogramming your device. We have the tools to get you back up and running.

For Fast Locksmith Rekey Services, Call (951) 532-2533

12-24 Hr Response 

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